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Pacific Grove : Sally Griffin Center For Seniors Reopens With A New Name : Meals On Wheels Community Center

by Richard Kuehn on 07/19/21

After offering group dining for more than 35 years in Pacific Grove at the Sally Griffin Center (which was disrupted by the COVID-19 Pandemic), the senior center has now reopened under the moniker Meals on Wheels Community Center.  It now has new flooring, updated restrooms and furniture and has been freshly painted, thanks to the generosity of donors.  Jacob Safer, the center’s director of development, said that founder Sally Griffin will be honored with a prominent portrait in the building and the “Griffin Gazette” will be sent to all members.  Masks are required when guests are inside.  Go to www.mowmp.org for more information. 

Financial Elder Abuse Abounds Amidst Pandemic

by Richard Kuehn on 07/19/21

AARP The Magazine recently ran an article about financial elder abuse, which, unfortunately, is often done by a family member.  Liz Loewy, former chief of the Elder Abuse Unit of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and now chief operating officer of a financial-monitoring company EverSafe said these crimes are all too prevalent.  Sadly, many cases go unreported.  A study of New York residents found that only 1 in 44 elder abuse cases were reported to authorities.  “They may start out helping a parent, with good intentions, and then, after the parent exhibits signs of diminished capacity, start diverting funds,” Lowey said.  “It often starts small, then progresses into ‘I wrote a few checks to pay for Johnny’s college.  I always said she wanted to help with tuition.’  Or beyond that, home improvement or a new car,” she said.  If you believe that you are witnessing elder abuse, please call Adult Protective Services.  Unfortunately, with the wealth on the Monterey Peninsula residents of Carmel, PG and Pebble Beach are often targeted.


Why Isn’t Dental Care Covered By Medicare?

by Richard Kuehn on 07/18/21

One of the great mysteries of the Medicare program is why they do not cover any dental work.  Many seniors forgo having dental work done because they can’t afford it, which can have a serious domino effect on their health.  The New York Times ran a story last month (June 13, page 8) about Ellen Phillips, who let a lot of teeth problems slide and eventually had to have all of her teeth extracted at a cost of $32,000.  The work was necessary because she needed heart surgery, and having dental infection or gum disease can allow bacteria to get into the bloodstream, causing serios surgical complications.  Some supplemental Medicare Advantage plans do offer a limited amount of dental coverage, but none would have covered the massive work that Ms. Phillips went through.  President Biden has proposed adding dental, vision and hearing coverage to Medicare.  I hope he is successful. 

Monterey Coronavirus COVID-19 Cases Rising At A Rapid Rate

by Richard Kuehn on 03/22/20

The Monterey County Health Department announced that six more people have tested positive for coronavirus, more than doubling the number of cases from the day before.  The total is now at 11, with four travel related, 2 person-to-person transmission, 2 community transmission, and the other three from unknown causes.  Family inHome Caregiving is still operating if you need care and someone to run around and do errands like getting groceries. 

Oldest Man In The World Passes Away At 112

by Richard Kuehn on 02/26/20

Chitesu Watanabe from Japan passed away on Sunday at the age of 112.  The Guinness World Records arrived at his nursing home in his hometown of Nigata Japan on February 12 to present him with an award.   


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